Dining Table Do-Over

A few months ago, we decided that it was time to give this black, Ikea Bjursta table a little makeover. By sanding down the original black paint with a belt sander, we were able to expose the grain and prep the table for white washing. We decided we wanted to apply a white wash, as we knew doing so would really accentuate the grain of the wood and give the table a fresh, natural look. We did this simply by wetting our paint brush before dipping in the paint, applying that to the table and rubbing it in with a rag. Topped that with a spray on sealer and wa-la. Once the table was washed, we decided to add in some special accent pieces like this beautiful framed print by Wilder California and made this fun runner with amazing fabric from Eskayel. By mixing in a little tropical flair with the teakwood succulent arrangement, the basket lighting fixture, the indoor palm tree, and the two vintage rattan bart stools we were able to create this fun modern boho dining space with ease.

Dining Room Table Setup

Dining Table Style


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