10 Tiny Homes that Might Make You Consider Going T...

10 Tiny Homes that Might Make You Consider Going Tiny

The idea of downsizing and living more mindfully is something that is catching on a lot more these days with rising rent and home prices. One way that people are coping with this new reality is by building tiny homes. Not only do tiny houses allow individuals to save quite a bit of money, but they also have wheels so you they can be easily moved. The tiny house movement has definitely caught our attention, so we rounded up some of our favorite tiny homes out there at the moment.

Tiny Home Kitchen

Source: Tiny House Giveaway

Bright and Beautiful Tiny Home

Bright, clean spaces make up this tiny home with beachy accents. Believe it or not, this little abode was given away as part of a giveaway put on by Tennessee based non-profit, Tiny House Giveaway. They construct and then give away tiny homes to benefit the Lamon Luther Foundation.

Airstream Trailer Home

Source: The Modern Caravan

Airstream Dreams

With a couch like this, who cares what the rest of this home looks like, right?! Well luckily the rest of this Airstream tiny home does not dissapoint either. The decor mixes modern style with vintage flair, making anyone who like that mid-century mod touch feel right at home.

Source: Mint Tiny Homes

Loft Living

The loft style tiny home is a great way to maximize on space. In addition to helping save a little square footage, a loft gives you a cozy space for a bed. In many tiny homes, the lofts also feature skylight windows so you can lay in bed and gaze at the stars – how dreamy!

Deco Tiny House

Source: Tiny Heirloom

It’s Eclectic

Even though the square footage may be smaller than what most people are used to, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on interior decor. There are many ways to incorporate unique touches to a tiny home, and this home on wheels does just that with the artsy tile accents, neutral wood, and modern appliances.

100 Days of Real Food Tiny House

Source: 100 Days of Real Food

Tiny Kitchen Suit for Any Chef

With plenty of counter space, an oven, cooktop, and decent size fridge you could whip up just about anything in this mini home.

Chic Tiny Home for Millenials

Source: Everywhere Co

Aimed at Millennials

While still a conceptual design, this tiny home is geared toward the millennial generation. With Large windows, wall mounted tv screens, and floating shelves you’re able to still achieve hip style in a small space.

Bright Modern Tiny House

Source: Olive Nest Tiny Homes

Refined and Upscale

If a more sophisticated taste is what you’re used to, tiny living can accommodate that too. Take this Olive Nest Tiny Home for example, which has hardwood floors, a neutral color palette, and overall elevated sense a decor style.

Tiny Home Exterior

Source: Handcrafted Movement

Honey I’m Home

While the interior of a tiny home is usually what gets the most attention, the exterior deserves some too. You can easily extend a decor palette outside by choosing complimentary paint colors, putting some shutters on the windows, and by choosing roofing that lends itself well.


5th Wheel Trailer Home

Source: Arrows and Bow

Home Sweet Home

This sweet space is home to a family of five, believe it or not! They renovated this fifth wheel trailer themselves and we have to say we’re pretty blown away with the finished product. With a three tiered bunk space for their children and a master suite upfront, it’s the just the right amount of space.

Clean, Bright Tiny Home

Source: Kelly Christine Photo


This tiny home has an office workspace, galley kitchen, L-shaped couch, hardwood floors, and a loft bedroom all under the same roof. While it might seem like space could get cramped, having a minimal style allows for this layout to flow.

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