Must See Plant Shops: San Francisco Bay Area

Must See Plant Shops: San Francisco Bay Area

How many of you find yourselves Insta-stalking your favorite plant nurseries and home and garden shops in the hopes you will one day get the chance to visit?? It should come as no surprise that we do this verrryy often! Any time we book a vacation the first stops on our go to list always end up being our favorite H&G shops that we’ve come to love/admire over the years. Take a look at some of the garden and plant shops we popped in to, and hopefully if you ever make it to San Fran you can have a visit for your selves too!

Flora Grubb Garden Shop

Flora Grubb Gardens

We literally hadn’t even made it to our rental home for the weekend yet, and decided the very first place we needed to stop upon driving into the city was the one and only, Flora Grubb. We have straight up gushed over this indoor/outdoor home and garden shop for yearssss, and it of course did not disappoint! Their Pinterest famous succulent wall garden was awesome and the grounds were so lush and tropical. They have many varieties of plants & succulents, and pots to fit every esthetic and size. Not to mention, the building itself is one of a kind and there is coffee shop inside to boot! You could easily make a whole afternoon or morning of this space while potting your own arrangement at the potting bar or perusing the many ready made arrangements and plants alike. Definitely our number one must stop H&G shop in SF hands down!

Flora Grubb Garden SignCanary Island Palm Flora Grubb Vertical GardenVertical Succulent Wall Garden


Succulence was another long time Insta-favorite and the very second stop on our tour! This space is found on one of the cutest city streets, among boutiques and picture perfect cafe’s. Of course we bee-lined to the succulents, which can be found tucked in the coolest parking lot, converted green house space at the back of the store. Which, again, makes for an awesome indoor/outdoor shop – so smart! They had a great assortment of plants and pots- not to mention the cutest cactus shaped vertical that we’ve ever seen! Just before we headed back inside to check out the home decor and gift selection, they’ve got another vertical on the wall spelling out “U SEXY” which we have to say was one of the highlights of our trip – just tooo funny and clever- we loved it!

Lila B Design

We took a break until the next day to visit our next must see spot- Lila B Design. You’ve probably seen photos of this space on Pinterest and their book, The Plant Recipe Book. Also, their sweet shop space is found in a converted shipping container – SO COOL!! We had seen that Lila B Design shared an outdoor space with Stable Cafe so of course we thought, might as well do lunch and take in the whole experience. Unfortunately, Lila B Design was closed while we were there, bummerr – but we still had a fabulous meal and were able to stroll around the patio and see some of their plant and succulent arrangements – so still a win overall!

Green Door Designs 

Another quick little pit stop was Green Door Designs. We stumbled upon this one just by chance. We were on the way back from Muir Woods and made a detour at an awesome natural foods store called Good Earth in Mill Valley. It just so happened that this cute little plant shop was right across the parking lot and was calling our names. Out of the car we went and had a look around. They had a lot of indoor house plants and some well curated succulent arrangements & containers. We found some super cute ceramic succulents, which we promptly purchased anndd that was about all we had time for before they closed up for the evening – not even a photo – darn it!! If you’re ever in that area, it is definitely worth a look-see and definitely check out that Good Earth grocery store!!


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