Throw a Rose & Gold themed party in a splash!

Throw a Rose & Gold themed party in a splash!

When working with a perfect color palette such as rose pink and gold its pretty hard to make any wrong moves when choosing decorations. But we decided to make it even easier and give you some of our tips from this birthday bash we threw for a friend at this unique Santa Barbara hotel & pool. You too can easily create a rose & gold theme party in no time!

Balloons! One of the greatest staple decorations, always! Balloons can easily, and quickly bring together any color scheme and can make a huge impact on a space. Try some rose gold balloon bouquets like these, to create table centerpieces instead of using flowers. Or opt for purchasing pink & gold balloons in larger quantities. Fill with air, and toss those babies on the ground, or in a swimming pool like we did, to create a whimsy and fun effect.


If you’re going for a show stopping display, large letters and numbers will always steal the show. Try some over-sized gold letters like these, or maybe even rose gold, to really make a statement.

Instead of using traditional balloon weights, we opted for these goodie bags, that you can fill with stones or sand, to tie in even more of that rose pink color.

And if one of your large balloon letters happens to pop like our “A” did here, don’t panic! Just add a mini balloon bouquet in it’s place, and your guests won’t even miss it.

Cake is always another easy opportunity to create a great display, and a chance to tie in your color scheme. This cake was ordered from a local Santa Barbara bakery to subtly incorporate a little of the rose and gold colors in the icing. You don’t have to break the bank on a super fancy cake to make a fun and on-theme statement.

Take any cake to the next level, literally, by displaying it on a cake stand, like this beautiful white marble and gold one, and/or topping it with a unique & personalized cake topper.

And HELLO! If you’re throwing an event anywhere that has a pool, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to add some floating decorations. We used pool floats in the color scheme, like this gorgeous set of large gold wings, and these super fun glitter floats & noodles to really make a splash. But if you want to further the excitement, try and add in some air filled balloons like these rose & gold ones to create a pool-scape that will surely delight all of your guests.

Another good tip – If the wind is blowing, add some water to your balloons before you blow them up with air. This way they won’t blow out of the pool with the first good breeze.

Take it a step further and make it personal by incorporating other small DIY elements to cater to your particular event. Creating customized photo props, tassel garland, and personalized napkins will add a few more rose & gold touches that will easily take your party to the next level.


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