13 Outdoor Succulent Wall Garden Ideas

13 Outdoor Succulent Wall Garden Ideas

13 Outdoor Vertical Succulent Gardens - Dalla Vita

Image Source: DIG Gardens

One of the greatest qualities of succulents is that they can grow really well in a variety of settings. Possibly the most tempting place to plant succulents these days is in a vertical display. Planting vertically offers a unique perspective and is a great use of space if you’ve already covered all your windowsills, patio, and table spaces with containers. As with all succulent designs and arrangements, you can incorporate a variety of textures, materials, plant types, and shapes to create a one of a kind succulent wall garden. Check out some of these ideas for creating your own vertical succulent garden!


Wall Gardens aren’t limited to square or rectangular shapes. In fact, more and more vertical gardens are emerging that stray from the ordinary form. Take this cactus shaped wall garden for example, created by the Succulent Gardens.

Source: @shoppigment

Wall Planters

This installation outside the shop Pigment in San Diego is a stunner! Comprised of 88 White WallyGro Wall Planters and a wide variety of colorful bromeliads and succulents, this wall garden is well known for it’s striking qualities! These containers are composed out of 100% recycled plastic and are fairly easy to install.

Dalla Vita Vertical Succulent Garden

Source: Dalla Vita

Source: Thomas J. Story

Square/Rectangular Framed Garden

The framed rectangle or square garden is probably the most popular vertical succulent garden type. This wall planter style is generally easy to plant and is a fun play on the typical picture frame wall display.

Succulent Wall Garden

Source: Dalla Vita

Wall Boxes

Wall boxes are another really captivating way to display succulents vertically. You can create all sorts of configurations with this planting style and fill a blank wall up nicely. One of the great things about planting in wall mounted boxes, rather than forward facing frames is that you are able to incorporate a wider variety of plants with differing heights. You can also use succulent types that spill over as well, which will create a cascading or waterfall effect.

Source: Kristen Lowe

Succulent Wall Garden

Source: Dalla Vita

Source: Dalla Vita

Reclaimed Wood

In this piece, we used driftwood to frame the garden, which gives it a nice, beachy appeal. Reclaimed or recycled pieces of wood are a great material to incorporate or use to build wall gardens.

Source: E. Spencer Toy

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  1. Janie

    14 February

    Wow! Those are some great ideas for a vertical wall garden! I especially love the wall box idea. Gotta try that out one of these days. Thanks for the post!

  2. Kylie Maddex

    6 May

    i would love to recreate the wall with multiple rustic wood boxes… where can I find the ones that have the 8 circular openings for succulents?

  3. Lisa Deffenbaugh

    14 June

    These wall gardens are extraordinary. My question is how do you water them?

  4. Katie

    19 June

    How do you water these? They are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Jo

    9 February

    How do you keep the soil in?

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