DIY Summer Inspired Planters

We wanted to do a quick little tutorial on some summer inspired planters that you can easily plant up and instantly brighten your living space. This mix of three containers by Anthropologie is great because you have a variety of shapes and heights, and adding in the hippo just makes the whole thing a little more quirky and fun – which is totally the vibe we want to have going this summer! Combining these containers with a mix of succulents and orchids allows you to bring some green and bright colors into your home without much effort at all!

For our first arrangement, in this colorful pinwheel container, we used an assortment of succulent plants. A couple blue cacti, an echeveria, and some string of pearls. When designing a succulent arrangement for indoors, it is best to use plants that are more tolerant of low light. Typically cacti, and more green succulents grow better in lower light, as opposed to the brighter red and purple succulents we can easily be drawn to. Another tip we like to give, is that it’s nice to have a tall, a medium, and a low, or hanging, plant in your designs, in addition to different textures. This creates diversity and can help make your arrangements more visually interesting.

In the second orange and white rainbow pot we chose to create an orchid arrangement to add some height and color to our container trio. We chose two small Moth Orchid plants in fun bright colors, and planted them in a mixture of soil and moss. By varying the height and direction of your orchid plants, your arrangement will be more balanced and visually attractive.

For our final arrangement, in this cute little hippo dish, we planted an assortment of Lithop succulents. We chose Lithop’s because we felt the color and texture was similar to that of a hippopotamus. We will point out,  Lithop’s can be a little trickier to care for than your typical succulent, so if you’re new to succulents, or not into taking a little plant risk right now, just choose some low growing, tiny succulents and you can achieve basically the same look.

All of these planters can currently be found on Anthropologie’s website, along with many other fun container options for summer!

Tag @dallavita and #dallavita so we can see your summer container designs!!


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