How to make a Succulent Topped Pumpkin

How to make a Succulent Topped Pumpkin

How to make a succulent topped pumpkin - Dalla Vita

Succulent topped pumpkins are just about the most fun and festive way to kick off the fall season and add some of your favorite plants to your holiday decor! Whether it is Halloween or Thanksgiving, these succulent creations will be sure to last throughout the season, and can then be planted later on – Not to mention, they make the sweetest gifts, and Thanksgiving table-scapes! Check out this quick, fun DIY video we made showing our process & try it out for yourself!


Step 1:

Trim the stem low on the pumpkin.

We like to pinch the stem with our pliers, and just kind of crush it some so that it breaks off easily without having to remove the stem’s base clear off.

Step 2:

Working in small sections, apply glue to the top of your pumpkin and then press your moss on to the glue. Continue until you have moss on the entire top of the pumpkin.

Step 3:

We like to start from the middle and work our way outwards towards the edges of the pumpkin when applying the succulent cuttings. Beginning with the taller cuttings. One by one, apply glue to the stem, and then gently press the stem into the moss. You can add moss around the plant base to cover any excess glue, and to support the succulent cutting. Repeat this process until you’ve used all your cuttings, or until you are happy with the look of your creation.

Step 4:

Trim your moss using your scissors, dust off any loose debris, and ENJOY! Post a photo and #dallavita @dallavita so we can see and share!

Once pumpkin season is over, or once your pumpkin starts to go bad, gently remove your plants off the top of your pumpkin, and place in a pot of dirt. The succulents will continue to root, and grow so you can continue enjoying them well into the New Year!


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