Pumice may be What your Succulents are Missing

Pumice may be What your Succulents are Missing

Succulents being the drought loving plants they are, like to be planted in soils that allow for proper drainage. One fantastic way to achieve this is to mix in a growing amendment like Pumice. Pumice is a volcanic rock that is composed of tiny little pores. It is totally natural and organic. Containing nutrients like Sodium, Nitrogen, Iron, and Fulvic Acid it can help aid in plant growth, in addition to keeping soil aerated.

One perk of pumice versus other growing mediums is that it tends to stay dispersed throughout a soil mix much better than lighter substances like perlite, because it is heavier. It also never decomposes. Many people these days are bypassing the store bought brand soils and mixing their own succulent planting mediums instead. It tends to be more cost efficient and is also a fun way to ensure your plants will be happy. By mixing pumice with a standard potting soil you can easily achieve a well draining composition.

If you are having trouble overwatering your succulents, mixing in pumice can be a great way to help curb excessive moisture buildup. It also looks great as a topcoat in succulent arrangements. Similar to a finishing touch with white rocks it exudes a really fresh, modern look.

General Pumice Products is a California based Pumice manufacturer. Owned and operated by Lexi and Austin Petelski – a brother sister team, they produce a high quality product and offer several size bags as well as bulk options.



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