Where to Buy Unglazed, Raw Terra Cotta Pots Online

Where to Buy Unglazed, Raw Terra Cotta Pots Online

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Raw or unglazed terra cotta pots are a hot item in the garden world right now. They’re modern and simple so they lend themselves well to refined aesthetics. One great thing about terra cotta is that it drains really well due to the porous nature of clay. Succulents being fans of well draining mediums are an obvious great choice to plant in these containers. While dark orange tone terra cotta pots are more prevalent, this new raw & lighter pink look is catching on and we love it! These planters are usually produced in Baja California, Mexico and you can usually find them in a few different nurseries throughout Southern California. They’re are a few companies, however, that have started selling them online, so we’d thought we’d share to help spread the raw terra cotta love!

Light Pink Terra Cotta Pot

The Modern Houseplant

Specializing in contemporary planters and decor, the Modern Houseplant, is an Etsy shop that stocks the cylinder shape terra cotta pot in addition to some other really great modern container options.

Light Pink Terra Cotta Pot and Stand

The Potted Earth Co

Another shop on Etsy, that offers raw terra cotta pots, is the Potted Earth Co. They pair the majority of their planters with gorgeous wood stands, which allow for you to easily achieve that elevated look.

Light Pink Terra Cotta Pot Cylinder Shape

Homestead Seattle

This Seattle based shop offers a few different unglazed terra cotta planters on their site, along with a variety of plants and other curated home decor goods.

Source: @lacactusco

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