5 Unique Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin this Fall

5 Unique Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin this Fall

We’ve all done the traditional carving of the pumpkin. And while it remains one of our favorite fall activities, sometimes it’s nice to branch out and try something different! We’ve rounded up some new trends when it comes to pumpkin decorating, and they’ve got us ready to head on over to the pumpkin patch! 

Succulent Topped Pumpkins

Succulent Topped

With some succulent cuttingsmoss, and hot glue you can easily create your very own succulent topped pumpkin, or ten! Check out our Succulent Topped Pumpkin DIY tutorial here and try some for yourself!

Source: Homey Oh My

Mudcloth Pattern

An ode to traditional African Mudcloth design, these pumpkins are stylish and sophisticated. By applying a neutral color paint, and using a paint pen to draw out your design, it’s easy to transform and reimagine your same-old orange pumpkin.

Source: Homey Oh My

Copper Tape

This one is pretty easy and gives your pumpkins a classy edge! Simply apply copper tape along the ridges of the pumpkin and voila! Imagine a tablescape with tons of these scattered throughout – so pretty!!

Lanterns, Jack-O!

We’re a sucker for lanterns anytime of the year, but particularly during fall. Skip the difficult carving designs, and instead turn your pumpkins into cute lanterns using your drill and different sized bits.

Source: Studio DIY

Colorful Pun-kins

Adding some color and playful wording is a creative way to step up your pumpkin game! Spray paint your pumpkin’s pretty colors, and then use a stencil, or sticker letters, to slap some punny words on there!





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