Plant Shop Spotlight: OASIS

Attention to anyone living in, or planning to visit Dallas, Texas!! Two plant loving friends, Hannah and Bethany, have just opened their amazing plant shop in the city. A true OASIS – this shop NEEDS to be on everyone’s list of places to pick up some new plant babies!

With the “jungalow” style on the rise, millennial’s are more inclined to seek out hip & trendy, boutique-like places to pick up their homewares and decor. OASIS certainly fits that bill, and we wanted to know more about what inspired them to create this space, and what it is that they love about plants. This shop offers a specially curated selection of houseplants and accessories perfect for home dwellers and businesses alike, in a really beautiful, well designed space.

Ready & eager to help you achieve your plants dreams, Hannah, Bethany, and their team are knowledgable and ready to assist with designing, styling, and selecting the perfect plant-scape for you! Next time you are in the area or in need of some fresh greenery, be sure give these gals a visit and support this sweet, sweet space!! See what they had to share with us below.

How did you both get into plants?

We have both loved plants from an early age. From visiting farmers markets, to having a garden at home and spending lots of time in nature we fell in love with plants. Later in life we both landed a job at the largest plant nursery in Dallas, TX. That’s where we first met each other, and that’s where our partnership began.

What was the inspiration to start Oasis? How did you choose the name?

While at our previous job we noticed an increase in young plant enthusiast, but felt like the traditional plant nursery was too big and overwhelming, we wanted to create a space that was more approachable. Our shop’s promise is to foster relationships in our community and help create your own living OASIS in your space. We provide a refined, curated environment for both the plant enthusiast and the experienced gardener. Dallas is a concrete jungle and we want to offer an OASIS for our city! And that’s why we named it OASIS.

What was the design inspiration for the retail space?

Maui, Cuba, Santa Barbara! Really anywhere tropical! When visiting these places we loved the vibes, the energy, the colors, the way of life. Leaving our full time salary paying positions was a huge risk but we seek a slower more intimate way of living and connecting with our neighborhood.

Do you all provide any services in addition to selling plants?

Home consultations, plant installations for retail and office spaces, delivery, plant rental, space rental for photoshoots and events and workshops!

Do you all have a favorite houseplant(s)? What makes them your favorite?

We both have very low light homes so any type of Dranceana lives beautifully and gives us a jungalow vibe! Also, we love the Bird Nest Fern, Pinstripe Calathea and the Brasil Philodendron!

For more from Oasis, check out their website and social media links below or better yet visit their shop if you’re in the Dallas Texas area!

Oasis Plant Shop Address: 330 W Davis St. Dallas, TX 75208


Instagram: @oasisplantshop

Facebook: @oasisplantshop


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