Coming to a Street Curb Near You: Mobile Plant Sho...

Coming to a Street Curb Near You: Mobile Plant Shops

You know the feeling you’d get as a child when the ice cream man would stop on your street? Well that’s how we feel about mobile plant shops. They’re cute, they’re mobile, and they’ve really got the goods!

Who wants to go the store anyways when the store can come to you, right?! Well that’s the beauty behind mobile shops, and it seems to be a trend that is catching on more and more in the garden community these days.

Breaking the mold of traditional brick & mortar spaces, these pop up style stores come in all shapes and sizes from old delivery trucks, to vintage Airstream trailers, to VW buses, and more. Below are some of our favorite mobile plant shops we’ve ever seen, so scroll on down to check them out!


This may be the most adorable take on a mobile greenhouse ever, and it even has an awesome name – Pili! Based in Seattle, Washington and owned by Inside Wild you can find this sweet plant shop selling succulents, houseplants, planters and accessories.

Grow Plant Shop

Airstreams are about as cool as vintage trailers come! So when you throw some beautiful houseplants into the mix, it is no doubt a win-win situation! The husband and wife team behind Fort Worth, Texas’ Grow have nailed this combo with their renovated airstream plant shop. We don’t think they could have done it any better!

The Plant Runner

The land down under is always inspiring us with their creativity and unique shopping experiences. So of course they have one of the coolest mobile, garden nursery’s out there! The Plant Runner is based in Melbourne, Australia and pops up around the city at weekly markets. They knock it a little further out of the park by towing a restored vintage trailer behind their already awesome caravan! What a way to go!

Amelia’s Flower Truck

Amelia’s Flower Truck is the original VW flower truck business, and you can find one of their several VW’s roaming through the streets of Nashville, TN with beautiful flowers for sale in tow. Couldn’t be a more iconic and sweet company!

Haegur Plant Shop

Charleston, South Carolina is home to this super chic and robust plant truck, operated by Haegur Plant Shop. Finding a new leafy green friend to add to your home collection is not a hard task here. They have a refined and really well curated aesthetic that we think any one could get down with!

Tula Plants and Design

Tula Plants and Design is an NYC based business. You can find their plant truck Tulita gracing the sidewalks of the city streets with a curated selection of houseplants and handmade planters. It even has a greenhouse roof, so you know the plants they carry are extra healthy and happy!

Le Flower Trailer

Le Flower Trailer by Aux Voyages Fleuris is a sweet Parisian street vendor. Whether you’re looking for a bouquet of fresh or individual flowers, or even a new little plant friend, this mobile plant shop most definitely adds to the romance and charm of shopping in the streets of Paris. Just look at that cute little shop dog!!

Pop Up Kombi

The fun and lively energy of Rio De Janeiro is also found in the super fun and lively Pop Up Kombi by Studio Lily! Painted a beautiful shade of yellow, the Kombi first catches your attention and then quickly draws you right in with all beautiful florals and botanical goodies they have for sale. We are attracted, for sure!!

These are just some of our favorite plant shops we’ve seen in this small mobile community, but we are sure there are many more out there, and more to come! If you see one of these beaut’s pop up in your neighborhood we definitely encourage you shop small and support these sweet small businesses! Not to mention it is just a more fun and unique way to shop for your flowers and houseplant friends!

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