DIY Pampas Grass Fan Wreath

If you haven’t already noticed, Pampas Grass Feathers are finding their way into home decor more and more these days. We love how they dry looking the same as they do while growing, which makes them an attractive decorative element.

We were intrigued with the idea of making a round wreath shape with the feathers, but we didn’t have enough feathers to do a full wreath. Not to mention the feathers are so large that we just wouldn’t have space for it. We played around with the design and figured out a fan shape would be really neat. Luckily we had the perfect space above our window for it. And of course, we are always trying to find ways to add some color to our creations so we dyed some of our feathers to make it a little more unique.

Check out how easy it is to make one of these Pampas Grass fans by following the steps below!


(If you cannot forage Pampas Grass Feathers locally, we have included a link above where you can purchase them.)

Step 1: Hairspray your Large Feathers

Gather your pampas grass feathers, and start by spraying the large feathers with hairspray. The hairspray helps keep all the little seed pods from going everywhere.

We chose to use 7 large feathers and 6 small feathers for this project to make a fan shape.

Step 2 – Dye your Small Feathers

Choose your dye colors. We used Tangerine and Fuchsia RIT dye’s.

Heat up water in a large pot and add your dye. We used about 4-6 tbsp of dye so that it would saturate the feathers well. Submerge your feathers in the dye and leave for about 10-15 minutes.

Allow the feathers to dry completely and then gently re-fluff and hairspray.

Dye half of your small feathers one color, and then repeat with the second color.

Step 3 – Wire the Large Feathers

Decide how you want your feathers spaced.

Wire your first large feather to the top and bottom of the grapevine wreath. Bend the wire in the center and slip it over the stem of the feather. Do this at the top and bottom of the wreath form.

Spread the feather apart, find the stem, and then wire. This will help hide the wire at the top.

You want to wire each feather to the wreath in two different places to ensure the feathers are secure to the wreath form.

Snip your wire ends short, and bend inwards towards the wreath.

Trim the stem flush with the wreath form.

Repeat with the second feather and continue until you have used all your large feathers.

Step 4- Wire your Small Feathers

Wire your small feathers into the spaces between the large ones. Tuck the small feather stems underneath other sections of feathers when you’re wiring so that you can lay feathers back down over the stem and not see it.

Step 5 – Add Decorative Elements

Add in any dried leaves from the feather stems or decorative accents and re-hairspray.

Step 8 – Hang and Enjoy!

  1. Maikou

    25 August

    Can you dye the dark color pampas grass fushia, blush pink and white?

  2. Cecille Santos

    25 October

    Hi! Did you dry the pampas grass for weeks before coloring them or after picking, submerge them on the dye and then dry?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Claire Ashley

    23 February

    So beautiful! Where on earth do you get those giantly fluffy pampas?! Those are so amazing!! I’m on the hunt for the best pampas right now for my wedding decor! Just bought my first order on a shop on etsy so hopefully they will be great!

    • Jessica

      31 March

      You can get it on Amazon you have to set it out in the sun for 5 hours and let it fluff shake it and then hairspray it ..

  4. Eliška

    9 September

    Hello, please do you think other grasses, ears of corn or straws could be dyed this way?

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