4 Tips to Switch up Your Christmas Tree Decor

4 Tips to Switch up Your Christmas Tree Decor

I love trying something new every year to make my Christmas tree more unique and slightly different than it was in years before. Pinterest is always a huge source of inspiration for me, and I’m always finding new ideas and things I want to try – especially when it comes to holiday decor.

I’ve rounded up my 4 favorite ideas to try switch up my tree decor this year, and I thought we should share. Check them out below and consider giving a couple of them a go!

Choose a Unique Color Scheme

Sure we all have those red and green ornaments from our childhood or that we’ve collected over the years. But this year I found myself really wanting my Christmas decorations and ornaments to match my interior decor that I have year round, as opposed to clashing with the rest of my living room colors.

Maybe this is the case for you, or maybe your just have a new favorite color combo this year. I say switch it up and give something new a go!

Whether you want your color scheme to be only pastels like me, or strictly pink tones, or just green and gold, etc. Try and tailor your ornaments and accessories to this specific color pallet. The results can be pretty show stopping!

Source: Love the Day

Change out Your Tree Skirt

There are some really pretty tree skirts out there these days, but I just love the idea of using something else to wrap your base with – making your tree even more unique.

I’ve always loved the look of basket tree collars – they add a nice, natural element to the tree, and give it more of a house plant vibe.

I usually end up gravitating towards some of my favorite tapestries I normally keep draped on furniture year round, and instead wrapping them around the tree base. Another fun idea is to take your favorite throw or fluffy blanket and wrap around the base for a really easy, cozy touch. Check out the tassel throws below! LOVE!

Source: Kelly Elko

Incorporate Non Traditional Accessories

Another fun idea to switch it up – add some non traditional decor elements to your tree as ornaments or otherwise. Loving these ideas of making a pom pom tree topper, using honeycomb party balls, or incorporating a bunch of faux flowers. All of these accessories can be kept and used for your tree next year!

Source: Poppy Talk

And of course, you can always include some living succulent ornaments on your tree!! Check out our DIY on making your own succulent ornaments here.

Source: Dalla Vita

Coordinate your Wrapping Paper

To finish off your Christmas tree and really make it different, no matter what color scheme you have happening – coordinating your gift wrap to match! It is a no brainer!!

It might take a little more time hunting down the right colors for your gift wrapping. But I think it really helps to make your whole display that a much more eye catching and an overall exciting visual statement. This is a must in my book, always!

Source: Tidbits

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