Our Plant Goals for 2019!

It’s that time again! The time when everyone is setting their personal, health & wellness, and professional goals for the year. But yet, we are over here just thinking about our 2019 plant goals! Who can blame us?? Below we are sharing goals for our plant dreams and inspirations going into this next year. Check it out and hopefully you’ll be inspired to step up your plant game too!

Source: @kateandnorahco

Bring more Plants Indoors!

Whether it is adding more plants to your bookcase or making a full blown plant shelf, we definitely want to bring more plants inside this year! While we might not have the perfect space for an amazing plant shelf like this one, we are certainly going to try to create more spaces and corners with larger collections of plants.

Source: @plantingpink

Collect some Awesome, Colorful Containers

There’s nothing like a curated group of good looking containers. Taking some inspiration from this photo, we’re aiming to collect some pots that really make a statement this year. Whether that’s grouping pots together of all one color, or mixing it up with complimentary tones. This one plant goal we’re hoping to achieve in 2019. And of course, sourcing Artisan made as much as possible as well.

Source: @thehuntergreenhouse

More Vertical Wall Gardens

We all have blank wall space, right?! Well we want to find more ways to put plants on our walls this year. Whether outdoor or indoor, the ideas are endless for vertical wall garden inspo! It doesn’t have to be too overpowering either. We’re taking notes from this vertical wall garden which is light and airy yet still so, so stunning!

Source: @ihavethisthingwithurbanjungles

Disco Ball Parties

Yep. Definitely need a disco ball so our plants can party this year! Seriously though, talk about taking an already amazing plant corner and adding the magic of sparkles! Looks like an everyday dream we’d like to have!

Source: @dabito

Make our First Impression Green

Nothing is more exciting and welcoming than a lush entryway. We want to try and spice up our entry’s by adding some more plant babies this year. Who wouldn’t want to walk into a jungle this beautiful everyday?! This entry is serious 2019 plant goals for us!!

Source: @marthabrookldn Space: @sugaringlondon

Refine & Simplify

Sticking to a limited palate can make a really grand statement. We are absolutely loving this pink wall collection and trying to desperately find a spot to recreate this look! Maybe not quite as large but we are certainly going to try and go monochromatic!

Source: @jeanburrasca81

Add some Rarities to Our Collection

Coming across rare plant varieties that make your heart skip a beat is an easy feat on Instagram. But we are tired of lusting, and really want to acquire a few new rare babes to add to our bunch. This year we want to try and master our houseplant skills and grow some of those amazing and rare cultivars we drool over on the web.

Source: @majesticdisorder Space: @riadjardinsecret

Create a Lush Patio Space

To round things out, we really want to work on sprucing up our outdoor spaces this year. Making more lush and livable spaces will get us outside more to enjoy nature and create more memories. Pink walls might not work for everyone, but we are definitely hoping we find the perfect spot to recreate this gem of a patio! This is what our outdoor living room dreams are made of!

What are your plant goals for 2019?? We are serious when we say we are going to try and create some spaces & collections like we’ve shown above, and we’ll be sure to share them with you!

Share your ideas and new plant projects with us with us this year so we can see @dallavita #dallavita!

  1. Robin Neilson

    14 July

    Do you happen to know where the Mr and Mrs euro pillows came from?

  2. Adriana Arteaga

    9 December

    simply gorgeous LOVE your decorating style

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