A Simple DIY Moss and Air Plant Wreath

A Simple DIY Moss and Air Plant Wreath

New Year, New Wreath! This new beginning to the year is the perfect time to welcome a fresh vibe into your home. What better way to get in the spirit than by creating a new fresh, green wreath to hang on your front door?!

We’ve put together this easy DIY to show you how to create a simple Moss & Air Plant Wreath of your own. You can do this with any combination of moss colors and any air plants that you like. We’ve chosen to use three different shades of green for our moss wreath, three individual air plants, and then some hanging Spanish moss for fun texture.


Step 1 – Glue Moss to Form

Start by glueing small sections of moss to your wreath form. As you work your way around in small pieces, vary the colors. Be careful using your hot glue and try not to use your finger tips too much to press the moss onto the glue. Work your way all the way around the front and sides of the form, and then move on and fill in the back.

Step 2 – Fill in the Gaps

Once you’ve covered the entire form, take your wreath into some bright light and fill in any holes. Inspect the entire wreath for gaps, cover any glue that is showing, and remove any loose glue strands.

Step 3 – Attach your Air Plants

Decide how your want to arrange your individual air plants and glue them to your form. Make sure they are secure to the moss and that the moss is also really secure to the form. Once you are happy with the arrangement, attach a couple sections of Spanish moss with floral pins. Try varying the lengths of the strands for a more attractive design.

Step 4 – Attach your Ribbon & Hang

Once you are happy with your wreath, cut a decent length of ribbon and tie it over your wreath. Remove any loose pieces of moss that are dangling, and then hang and enjoy!


To care for your wreath, it is best to hang it on a door that receives indirect light. If the wreath receives full sun, it may dry & fade our your moss much more quickly. The moss is preserved, so you don’t need to water the moss per se, but you can mist it when watering your air plants.

You’ll want to mist your air plants frequently, or give them a good soak about once a week.

Are you going to give this Moss Wreath DIY a shot?? Tag us so we can see your creations @dallvita #dallavita!

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