We are Elliott Dunn & Cali Dunn Godfrey – a brother & sister team. Dalla Vita is the culmination of our shared interests for succulents & houseplants, as well as garden & home design. We want Dalla Vita to be a resource to help you take on all sorts of projects, whether it be in the garden or in your home. With our DIY videos and tutorials, we hope you can gain some inspiration and maybe even learn a thing or two from our content.


Growing up we were always doing random DIY projects around our home and helping our mom in the garden. Eventually we, by chance, discovered the world of succulents and quickly developed a shared passion. Fast forward a few years, we moved from our hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia to California, and what had started as a fun hobby quickly morphed into a small business.

In 2014, we launched Dalla Vita as a Succulent and Plant Design Company in Santa Barbara, CA. For the first few years of operating Dalla Vita, we focused on selling our succulent arrangements through our retail space, doing landscape design projects, and styling people’s homes with beautiful plants and containers. The process of working hands on with our young business really allowed us to refine Dalla Vita’s style, and hone in on where we wanted to take our business. We have discovered that not only do we have a passion for succulents and plants, but also a very strong interest in all aspects of garden & home design.

Today we are happy to invite you along for the ride, as we navigate our many different projects and passions. In Italian, Dalla Vita means “from life” which we naturally extended into our company’s mantra “From Life We Grow”. We thank you for joining us on this journey as we create, learn, and grow with the ever changing seasons of life.