Terrarium Styles

Terrarium Styles

One of our favorite types of vessels for planting in, are terrariums! Not only are they a really cool way to showcase an arrangement of plants, but they also serve as beautiful living decor pieces. Check out some of our different designs using terrariums below. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to create a fun one yourself!

// Metal and Glass Terrariums //

Glass Terrarium

Lantern Terrarium

// Bubble/ Enclosed Terrariums //

Doesn’t this one remind you of the flying cars from the old cartoon, the Jetsons?!

// Glass Orb Shaped Terrariums //

Glass Orb Terrarium
Glass Orb Terrarium

A couple tricks and tips to keep in mind when creating your own terrariums:

  • Terrariums are best in a windowsill or in an area that receives indirect, dappled light.
  • Water only when the soil is dry, about once every 2 weeks when kept indoors.
  • Try to find terrariums that have an opening large enough for your hand to fit in, that way adding your plants and other fun elements will be easily accessible and not so frustrating to get all the pieces exactly where you want them.
  • Have some tools nearby to help push, hold, pack, or place your items inside your vessel. This includes things like: brushes, tweezers, we’ll sometimes use the back end of a screw driver, whatever is going to help you to get all the details just right.
  • Add different types of rocks, glass, sand, moss, crystals, whatever you have on hand – these extra details will help to make your terrarium a living work of art and unique. The biggest thing is just to get creative and have fun with it!!

Some of our favorite plants to use in indoor terrariums:

Dark Green Succulents – Haworthias, Aloes, Cactus, Sempervivums, Echeverias, etc. Darker green succulents tend to be more tolerant of lower lighting conditions.
Moon Cactus – are especially fun to use in terrariums because they add a bright pop of color that will last in lower light conditions as well.
Air Plants – For obvious reasons, air plants are super low maintenance and great for terrariums. You can just plop them in and spray with water. Instant gratification!

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