6 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

6 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Ever get sick of having to go out and buy rolls and rolls of wrapping paper and ribbons every year?! Especially when you know it is all going to be torn up and immediately thrown away?? If so, were right there with you and we wanted to switch it up, get creative, and try some different approaches this go round.

Check out these 6 fun Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping ideas we came up with on how you can wrap your gifts in a more environmentally friendly fashion without sacrificing presentation! 

Paper Bags

We all forget our re-usable bags at the grocery store from time to time, and hopefully you asked for a paper bag instead of plastic. Save these up so you can use them as alternative gift wrap! You can use the plain brown inside to wrap your present, then paint it with a fun pattern or crinkle it up. Finish by adding some twine, foliage, or maybe some vintage ornaments like we did below, etc.

Also around the holidays some stores like Trader Joe’s, will print holiday illustrations on their paper bags. If you can score some of these, they make even the outside of the bag perfectly festive for wrapping small gifts!

Scrapbook Paper, Wall Paper, Book pages, Calendar Pages, Etc.

If you don’t have any paper bags on hand, or don’t care for the look of the brown, try using some extra scrapbooking paper, or extra wallpaper – pretty calendar pictures, pages from map books, etc. Any spare paper that you no longer have a use for can do the trick! 

Fabric Wrapping – Old Clothes, Sheets, Scrap Fabric, Etc.

One of the cutest ways to wrap a gift more eco-friendly is to use up some scrap fabric. Many people have old sheets, pillow cases, or pretty fabric remnants tucked away. We like to take old sheets and tear off long strips to use as ribbons, and cut larger square pieces for wrapping gifts. What’s great about this is you can dye the fabric any color you like and make it even more beautiful. This is an eco friendly option that can be used over and over again. 

No Gift Wrap!

Sometimes the gift itself is pretty enough! Accent your present with a fabric ribbon and some greenery. Or perhaps attach a succulent gift bow like we’ve done here!

To make a succulent gift bow, just take a cutting of a rosette or jade, etc. and hot glue it right onto your present. The succulent can be re-planted after and enjoyed as another bonus gift.  

Recycled Shipping Boxes

We all have all those shipping boxes and extra shipping materials that can accumulate pretty quickly if you have the space to save them. Put them to use again by removing any labels or tape, etc. from the boxes. Then just disguise any flaws with either paint, photos, pretty paper & ribbon like we’ve done, etc. 

Reusable Bags 

Another great way to wrap your gifts is to use a re-usable bag. We like to have a stash of canvas bags on hand that can be dyed or painted to match with any occasion. This is great because the bag itself can be a bonus gift. Wrap it up tight or stuff it with some extra tissue paper for a perfectly cute presentation. 

Thoughts on Gift Toppers

As seen in this post, we like to use things like handmade tassels, dyed fabric ribbons, old ornaments, even succulents! Anything that can be used again on another gift is a win in our books! Get creative with your gift toppers, and skip out on those store bought bows and ribbons. You’ll be surprised just how sweet you can make your presents with things you already have at home. 

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