How to Make a Carefree Moss Garden

How to make a moss garden - Dalla Vita

Moss gardens are a really awesome way to incorporate some green into your home and wall decor! But what’s more, is using preserved moss allows for a carefree, maintenance free garden that you enjoy without worry for years and years to come! You can make these gardens as large or a small as you’d like – you can even do a series of three in a row or a bunch scattered around. We decided to show you just how easy it is to create your own, and have given you three ways to style them and make them really unique. First is the basic moss & fern leaf version, the second one incorporates a few live succulent cuttings, and the last style is a moss garden with faux succulents and leaves.

Mini Moss Garden Frame

First thing you will need is a simple, shallow wood frame. We used some scrap wood and built a really simple frame, painted white, but you can also use a deep picture frame with the glass removed.

Moss Garden Wood Frame with Hooks

We added a couple frame hooks to the back of ours so that once we were finished we could hang it either vertically or horizontally.

Moss Garden Supplies



You can also just purchase a variety pack and use the different mosses included in that.

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

We like to start by mapping out our dark green mood & sheet mosses first. This is the darkest color and your main “negative space”. Play around until you find a design you like.

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

Once your happy, start gluing down your dark green moss.

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

The next step is to go in and fill the blank spaces with your different colored reindeer mosses. Play around with mixing up the colors. Accent your design making some “streams” of some colors flow through, and vary the dimensions. Having some pieces puff up and some glued tight down makes it more visually intriguing.

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

Finish by adding a couple groups of preserved fern leaves to create little vignettes and make it look really organic.

Mini Moss Garden Dalla Vita

Style #2 – Add some Succulent Cuttings

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

If you want to accent your garden design a step further, add a few of your favorite succulent cuttings by simply hot glueing them into the moss. *This design is the only one that would require a little maintenance over time, because you will need to occasionally mist the succulents and/or replace them every so often. But still super super low maintenance!

Style #3 – Add Faux Succulents & Leaves

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

This last design shows you how you can take your moss garden another step up, and incorporate faux succulents & leaves. Using the faux plants keeps this arrangement completely maintenance free but still incorporates those beloved succulents.

Just hot glue a few of your favorite faux succulents into the moss and stabilize using some of your reindeer moss.

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

Add in some faux leaves and any other decorative elements, and Voila!!

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

These moss garden’s are super easy to create and they can really make a great impact on a space. We like to use these in indoor spaces that could use some green on the walls, yes. But what is especially awesome, is you can put these in places that don’t receive enough light to have living houseplants thrive. So if you have a wall or a corner that needs a little plant love, but doesn’t receive any bright sunlight, try hanging one of these babies there to make a unique and living statement!

Moss Garden DIY - Dalla Vita

*One thing to note, don’t hang your moss garden in direct sun. The sun can bleach out the color and your moss could start to fade over time.


Which ever style you choose to create, we’d love to see your Moss Gardens!!

Share your designs with us @dallavita and #dallavita!!


    11 April


  2. Maddison

    26 April

    Love this so much! Will be my next home decor project! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Madhu M S

    26 April

    Fantastic idea,…. very use full in this corona lockdown time… thanks

  4. Sue

    6 May

    love the art so much! but wonder….would succulents grow near moss? moss needs humidity and wet environments whereas succulents grow in dry environments

  5. Farah

    2 July

    Very cool! How much moss did you end up using to fill up the entire space, and how large of a space was it? I want to make a large one but I need to know how much moss to invest in.

  6. Sebastian

    20 September

    Hm. It’s not carefree, it’s dead.

  7. Santosh Deshmukh

    6 December

    I love you Dil se…

  8. Stein

    4 February

    Plastic glue is plastic pollution. Why promote the use of this? Why not use something that doesn’t destroy our childrens future?

  9. Tamara

    26 January

    Thank you for these wonderful ideas. I’ll let you know how mine turns out!

  10. Cynthia

    16 March

    Do you need to water or mist the moss?

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  12. SuperMoss

    5 August

    Hi! We would love to feature this DIY on our socials! Love seeing our SuperMoss used in such beautiful ways😍

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    18 August

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