5 Easy Ways to Give Your Planters a Makeover

5 Easy Ways to Give Your Planters a Makeover

Feature Image Source: TheLittleAvocado

Sometimes the pots you have lying around just don’t really blend well with your style or aesthetic anymore. It’s happened to all of us! But instead of spending a ton of money trading them in for upgraded ones, you can easily transform them and give them new life. Try one, or all!, of these methods and get ready to love your new, old planters!!

Painting Planters

Source: OhJoy

Deco Paint DIY

By using some stickers, or tape, easily revamp a plain pot into an exciting, stylish container by spraying it down with your favorite color paint!

Macrame Planter Wraps

Everyone knows macrame wall hangers are definitely trending these days. But one place where macrame is finding a new application is on potted plants! Sometimes a plain terra cotta pot doesn’t cut it, but throw a macrame planter wrap on it, and it instantly gives it that super cool, boho vibe!

Source: Jana Lam

Planter Cover

Now if you think your planter is just a lost cause altogether,  we are here to tell you, hope is not lost! Planter covers to the rescue! Typically made of fabric or jute, these sax allow for a container to be tucked inside and hidden from sight. Available in so many patterns and color schemes!

Plant Stand

Image Source: @erictrine

Plant Stand

Sometimes all you need to see a planter in a new light is some elevation. By giving some of your planters a little bit more height using plant stands, you can easily create some topographic variety and make your pots literally stand out!

Source: Mkono

Hang It Up

Hanging shelves serve as another really awesome way to reimagine your planting vessels. Placed in a corner of a room or by a window, this is a great way to fill space and give your plants more room to grow!




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