Dalla Vita’s Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

Dalla Vita’s Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to gifting, you can’t beat something that is handmade or artisanally crafted. There is just more care and sentiment that goes into not only making the item, but also in the thought you put into choosing the gift that makes it more special.

With that in mind, there is no better place to shop for the holidays, in our opinion, than Etsy! You can find so many one-off, unique items that you just can’t get in big box stores. It is probably our main go-to when shopping for gifts and for ourselves. Not to mention, when you shop on Etsy you are supporting small businesses, and there is nothing we love more than that- especially at the holidays!

We have gathered up some of our most favorite items available on Etsy for this holiday season, so scroll on down and happy shopping!!

Cactus Candle

Candles are an obvious and easy gifting choice for the holidays, but when mini cactus are involved that’s where things get exciting!! Modeled after a little terrarium, these cork topped candles are available in a variety of scents and sizes! Perfect for any cactus & succulent lover!

Monstera Stained Glass Mirror

We are anxiously awaiting to pull the trigger on one of these for ourselves!! As huge Monstera plant fans, a handcrafted Hungarian Monstera Mirror just makes so much sense! Why have a regular mirror when you can have a Monstera mirror, right?!?

Handmade Ceramic Cactus Mug

Whether it be for a hot cup of cocoa or a cup a joe, everyone can appreciate the coziness of a beautifully handcrafted mug. The cute cactus shape and attention to detail is what sets this mug apart from the others. Available in three different colors, we think this gift is a must have for any cactus lover!!

Lasercut Wood Journal

Everyone encounters moments where you are in need of a piece of paper to take some notes, jot down a grocery list, or just get your feelings out. That being so, a sustainably harvested, laser etched, wood notebook is something that any recipient will enjoy! We personally own quite a few of these beauties and can attest to the function and form!

Beautiful Custom Macrame

The ongoing Macrame trend is something we without a doubt LOVE! Macrame’s ability to add texture & dimension to a wall, and make for a gorgeous piece of artwork are just a few reasons why.

From Mississippi, Bermuda Dream’s macrame art stands apart, with hand dyed strands and metal accented pieces – available in different designs and sizes – we would be overjoyed to receive any one of these as a present this season!

Hand Painted Planter with Cactus

Tierra Sol Studio is the maker behind these beautiful planter masterpieces. Pair any of their stunning handmade pots with your choice of cactus or a houseplant. They now even offer an option to name your cacti and send the arrangement to someone as a gift – It just doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

Customizable Camera Strap

Coming across a stylish yet dependable camera strap can sometimes be a hard task … trust us we have searched! The folks behind USA brand RSVP Handcrafted however, have hit the nail on the head with their unique, customizable straps.

Take this Monstera embossed jungle green one for example – so good looking and well made!! We actually own one of these ourselves and they just get better with age!!

Zodiac Constellation Ring

Starry Nights, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Orion’s Belt … the kind of etherial magic that exists only when you look beyond. Made to order in a variety of Zodiac symbols to compliment a friend’s character and charisma, these rings are a really special and personal way to give a gift this season.

Self Watering Basil Kit 

The luxury of an herb garden for the convenience of your windowsill! This hydroponic Self Watering Basil Kit will have you feeling like a pro gardener. We consider gifts that grow the best kind of gifts to give, because they just keep on giving!

Crazy Plant Lady Doormat

It is always good to give fair warning to visitors of what they are in for when they approach your home! And since more and more ladies are cultivating their own indoor jungles, being a “Crazy Plant Lady” seems to be becoming the norm. We’re all for it and we think you should help your bestie own the title with one of these eco-friendly, funny doormats.

A Crystal in a Candle

Inspired by the healing properties found in crystals, these candles are hand-poured and made with 100% American farmed soy wax. The natural essential + fragrance oil blends are perfectly paired with the matching crystals hidden within the candle wax. Burn these babies down to retrieve your special gem. Best of both worlds and an all around great and personalized gift in our books!!


We hope these items inspire you to shop small and thoughtful this holiday season!!



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