How to Make a Layered Sand Terrarium

How to Make a Layered Sand Terrarium


Step 1

Choose your terrarium and gather your supplies. Start to think about how you want to design your terrarium – what plants you want to use and how you want the layers to be. It can be helpful to draw out a sketch of your layers to visualize it, otherwise, you can totally wing it. Just keep in mind how high you want your sand to be at the end so that it is not too low or too high once you’ve added your plants.

Step 2

Start with your base layer of sand. Play around with angles and building up hills in certain areas. Once you are happy with the flow and thickness of the first layer begin to add your second color. Again, pay attention to the hills and valleys you can make with the second color and be sure to look at it from all sides.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are going to add succulents, be sure to insert the plant at the right time so that the pot is at the desired height and the sand & pebbles will be able to cover it.

Step 3

Continue to build your layers until you have used all your sand colors and achieved the desired look. Finish by topping it off with a layer of small pebbles. If your using potted plants, use a piece of paper around the plant to fill in with sand up close to the pot, so you don’t get sand down in the plant. Once you’ve reached the desired height, and have covered the pot, add your air plant and/or accessories.

This is such a fun and easy diy, anyone can make a layered sand masterpiece!

Tag us in your sand terrariums photos, @dallavita #dallavita, so we can see your creations!!

  1. Sahara V. Campoamor

    9 July

    I like the simplicity beauty of your terrarium. How much usually the prices of you sell those ready made terrariums?

    • Eduvigis

      9 January


  2. Farah

    23 November

    I am a newbie in this creative field to keep myself occupied during the pandemic. Thank you so much for the guide with clear instructions to help people who may be interested but didn’t know how to do the basics.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Eduvigis

    9 January

    Bellísimas las cosas que se aprenden con ustedes.

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