Orchid & Succulent Arrangement

Succulents and Orchids have basically the same water requirements, but don’t necessarily have the same soil requirements. This hasn’t stopped us from creating really pretty arrangements that combine the two, but whenever we share the pictures online, we get a ton of questions about how that works, if the orchid is planted in soil, etc.

Check out how we plant both plants in the same container below, while keeping the two different plant types equally happy!


  • Orchid
  • Succulent Plants
  • Container
  • Soil for Succulents
  • Moss
  • Brush

Step 1: Prepare & Position your Orchid

Simply take your orchid out of the ceramic pot it came in, but leave it in it’s plastic nursery pot. Position it in your arrangement.

Step 2: Fill with Soil & Plant your Succulents

Fill in all around your orchid pot with soil and then plant your succulents as you normally would.

Step 3: Add Moss & Clean

You orchid pot will basically be hidden by the orchids already, but to completely hide it and finish off your arrangement, we like to add a nice moss top coat to the whole thing. This will completely hide the pot in the middle. Dust off any loose soil and debris from your plants and pot.


Light: You’ll want to place your arrangement in a spot that receives bright, indirect light. Direct light may burn your orchid.

Water: Water when the succulent’s soil and orchid’s moss/mulch are dry – about once every 7-14 days. Just enough to get the arrangement moist but not super wet. If you are worried about overwatering, you can lay ice cubes all over the arrangement, as typically done for orchids, and let them melt, which will slowly and lightly water the whole arrangement.

Replace: What’s great about planting the arrangement this way is that once the Orchid has stopped blooming, you can easily shimmy the pot out of the center and replace it with a fresh, blooming orchid!

  1. Melody Nuno

    4 June

    Hello, I am interested in ordering three Succulent office arrangements. Can you please give me a call at (805)563-2400. Thank you.

  2. it’s better if you place the plant in a shaded location where the soil will not dry out quickly.

  3. Alix

    4 February

    Does the container with the succulents need holes for drainage?

  4. Kim

    4 May

    What are the dimensions of the planter you’re suit?

  5. Isabel Robison

    20 April

    What type of moss do you use as a top coat?

  6. Isabel Robison

    20 April

    What type of moss do you use for this arrangement?

  7. Martina

    1 March

    Looking to do succulents for my engagement centerpieces and also favors. Where are you located and do you ship? Can you also give me the cost of centerpieces

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