Favorite Pink Houseplants

I am a straight sucker for any plant that has some pink color – it can have pink & green leaves, be different shades of pink, have green leaves and pink blooms… you get the idea. Too many plain green houseplants can get a little boring for me, so I try to find plants that give my space tropical vibes and bright pops of color! It can be hard to come by indoor plants that are colorful though, so I’ve compiled a list of the 9 houseplants that have pink in them that I have, love, and that aren’t that hard to grow! Check out my favorites below!

Aglaonema Creta

One of my most favorites! The variegated leaves on Aglonema Creta are just stunning, and they can all be so different. I sometimes find myself just staring, admiring the amazing patterns and colors these plants produce. I can’t get enough!

Fairly easy to care for – I water mine when they are almost completely dry, about once every two weeks, to get the soil moist but not too wet. A good sign it’s time to water is when the leaves start to droop slightly. I have a few of these, so I keep mine sitting in various windows around my house that receive bright indirect light.

Maranta- Prayer Plant

I just got one of these plants for the first time, and I’m in love with not only how cute it’s leaves are with the small spots of pink, but also with how the leaves move throughout the day! At nighttime the leaves turn upright, creating a tight vertical bush, and during the day the leaves lay down flat – it really is so neat!!

I’m going to keep my Prayer Plant in a spot that receives bright indirect light, and I’ve been told to keep the soil evenly moist, watering with room temperature water. Fingers crossed we get along well! 🙂

Ruby Pink Rubber Tree

While you can totally keep your rubber tree indoors, I don’t have quite enough room, so I have mine just outside my patio door underneath an eve. I water mine about once a week to keep it fairly moist, and it receives really bright indirect light. If your leaves are only shades green and white, try gradually increasing your plants light exposure and you should start to see the leaves turn pink! Such a pretty plant, and really easily propagated too.

Dracaena Marginata Tricolor

I have a Dracaena Marginata that I’ve had for a few years and is really easy to care for, but sadly I don’t like to keep it inside because the leaves on it are a little too dark green for my taste. I like for my indoor plants to be a little more on the lime/ grassy green side of the scale, so when I came across the Tricolor Marginata I thought it was just perfect! The tiny, smooth leaves are awesome, with shades of green, pink, and yellow. And I like these plants because they add a unique texture/ shape to the room that you don’t get with most houseplants. I water mine about once every two weeks when it is dry – and again, just bright indirect sunlight is all it needs.

Cordyline Ruby

Another one that I have right outside on my patio. This plant looks like it came right out of the tropics! I water mine about once a week or so, and try to mist the leaves every so often to replicate its native, humid climate. Again, bright indirect light if you want to keep it as a houseplant, otherwise these can be grown outdoor in direct sun as well. A showstopper and huge burst of color.

Rainbow Peperomia Ginny

A new one for me! The leaves on this plant make me think it’s a succulent! Very fleshy and stiff- very similar to a Hoya. I’ve received feedback that this is a very low maintenance plant – winner! Not to mention the bright trim of reddish, pink on the leaves!! Love! I’ve been instructed to give it bright light and a little water when it is dry.


Another one of my very favorites! I have Anthuriums in all different colors, but the pink ones are by far my first choice, and the color I have the most of. Super easy to care for, I water mine about once a week and provide bright indirect light. I have some in the windows around my home, and some out on my patio. I could keep these everywhere! Not to mention the waxy blooms make for great cut flowers, and they last a long time! Such a Barbie looking plant – another reason why they are a favorite of mine. 🙂

Rex Begonia

While a little more high maintenance, Rex Begonias are stunning!! They come in all sorts of silver, blue, and gray shades of color with really great dark pink patterns on their leaves. I’ve killed a few in my day but that doesn’t stop me from trying, and trying, again! I think the main tricks for keeping these happy are to keep the soil evenly moist, and keep out of any direct sun. Once they start to dry out they hate life, dry up, and seem to never come back. I water mine once or twice a week when the top layer of soil is dry and keep it in indirect light, any direct sun will scorch the leaves.

Tradescantia Pink

This is another new one for me! I just got one of these in a hanging pot and it is really beautiful! While it was labeled “Pink”, it is definitely a little more lavender in color – but there are other actual pink varieties. Either way this plant is gorgeous and I can’t wait for it to really start growing. I’ve read that they are pretty easy to propagate too, so we’ll have to give that a try asap! Right now I’m watering mine about once a week, and providing bright indirect light.

Do you all have any favorite houseplants that have pink in them?? Let me know in the comments below, and/ or tag @dallavita – I’m always on the hunt for new ones!!

  1. Annia

    4 April

    They are beautiful! Could you tell me if I can buy them online ?

  2. Barbara Clark

    27 February

    I agree! They’re so elegant! I want them all !! I’m also wondering how I can purchase?
    Thank you,
    Barbara Clark

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