A Succulent Wall Garden

We were really excited to tackle this project! A company called Watex sent us one of their Expandable Green Wall Kits to try out. And honestly after working with this system and getting our succulent garden installed we can’t say enough good things!

Watex has given us a discount code to share with you all on their Expandable Green Wall Kits – the four panel kit or the single panel kit. Use code DALLAVITA20 for 20% off and get to work on planting a green wall of your own!

These green wall panels are great for any type of plants. They are super efficient and easy to use. Irrigation is already installed with drippers woven through to each planter making watering your plants a breeze. All you have to do is connect the hose to the side of one of the panels and the entire wall garden gets watered at once. It really is awesome. The panels also keep the planters set out away from the wall, which helps prevent any water damage to your wall long term.


We installed the four panel kit, which you can configure into different shapes to fit your wall space. You can add on as many panels as you’d like creating as large of a green wall as you need. The pieces easily connect together and then hang from a really simple bracket system.

We chose to use mostly succulents for this project, because we wanted a really bright and colorful garden. This wall does receive full sun for the last half of the day so our plants will receive a great amount of light. We used a few different Sedums, Echeverias, Kalanchoes, Jade, Crassula, and a few Bromeliads for an added lush, tropical vibe.

We planted each planter individually, and then attached it to the wall. What’s great is that you can move the planters around as your plants grow and fill in. So overtime you can adjust for spacing and cover more of the panels and black surface area.

We really did have so much fun doing this project. The green wall was so easy to put together and watering was a piece of cake. The drippers work so that the soil has time to absorb the water, giving your plants a deep, thorough soak.

Already our garden is so colorful and pretty lush, but overtime it is going to fill in and look amazing. We plan to water our garden about once a week since it receives full sun. And since it is growing season for most succulents, we are going to fertilize about once every two weeks. We like to use a succulent & cacti fertilizer to really get our plants growing and filling in quickly.

In no time at all these plants will have all the visible black space covered and it will look like one large, full garden. In the mean time though, the black background does make the plants really pop, so we don’t mind that at all either.

Again, Watex has given us a discount code to share with you all on their Expandable Green Wall Kits – the four panel kit, or the single panel kit. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to use this product if you are thinking of creating a green wall of your own! Use code DALLAVITA20 for 20% off and get to planting!!

This system works amazing for a succulent garden, but you can also create amazing lush green walls, or how great would an herb garden be?!


    28 April

    hello sir , hello madam
    im from india. today while going thru you tube channel searching for green wall ideas i came across your channel. i immediately subscribed to it. i liked this succulent wall garden. i wanted an idea to build a wall garden for my living room wall on one side. i dont get sunlight there. as you mentioned in the video succulent require sunlight. . secondly after installing the wall garden is there a way to collect the water that drips from the base plants on to the floor. pls help me and suggest which plants i can use if i can make a wall garden indoors with basically no sunlight. can i install artificial lights if yes which ones. thanks in advance. im from INDIA.

  2. carlos clavell

    28 April

    I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the Watex product. We live in a townhome without a yard, very limited space and HOA restriction bylaws so we believe this maybe the solution to growing what we can for the family.

    • Dalla Vita Team

      7 May

      Thanks for reaching out Carlos! That’s great to hear that the Watex Green Wall might be the right fit for your family and home. It is definitely a versatile and reliable vertical gardening option. We are happy to have brought it to your attention 💚

  3. Tee

    10 September

    I would like an indoor succulent wall panel. Possible? It’s for an office

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