Interior/Exterior Plant Styling & Staging Pro...

Interior/Exterior Plant Styling & Staging Project

We recently completed a really fun project, where we had the opportunity to help get a super hip and modern downtown Santa Barbara home ready to be put on the market for sale. We were asked to initially do just the outdoor plants and planters, but then were later asked to do a little interior plant styling & staging as well.

We were really pleased with how the house turned out so we thought we would share some of the things we did to achieve the finished product.  

Sources: Rug, Raised Planter, Throw Pillow

Exterior Planters

On the front patio we really wanted to create a welcoming, striking space. Using the existing pots and planters, we incorporated bright, tropical plants & succulents to create a patio you’d be happy to walk into. We used a large Banana Tree, along with bright Echeveria’s, Aloes, Kalanchoe, and Sedums.

The roof deck was the other space we wanted to make a little more inviting, so that when you walked out there you would immediately feel like you’d want to hang out up there with your friends. We brought in some awesome teal & green colored pots in different sizes, and again planted those up with statement making tropical plants and succulents, such as Giant Birds of Paradise, bright Echeveria’s, Sedum, Aloe, and Agave. 

Interior Staging and Styling

We kept the interior styling really super simple. Using the existing furniture, we just removed any personal items and added a few statement pieces and plants to each room to make the spaces more eye catching and cheery.


We really focused on bringing in a lot of accent pillows. We placed these everywhere! On the couch, on chairs, bench seating, lounge chairs, and of course the beds. The pillows really helped to accent the existing furniture and bring in a fun pop of color to each room.

We also incorporated a couple throw blankets and rugs where necessary to make the house feel more homey, pulled together, and customized.

Sources: Lamp, Lamp Shade, Blue Pillows, Orange Pillow, Gray Pillow, Raised Planter


We really didn’t use much artwork at all. One large, statement art piece in each room that tied all the colors together really seemed to do the trick.

Sources: Wood Artwork, Lamp, Lamp Shade, Blue Pillows, Orange Pillow, Gray Pillow


Indoors we wanted to bring in more greenery to really warm up the space and make it more welcoming because at first it came across a little sparse and cold. We used large statement making plants in simple pots and baskets that would grow well in the space and be low maintenance to care for throughout the house. We then trickled a couple orchid arrangements in both of the bathrooms and finished with a couple table arrangements.

Sources: Dog Bed, Lamp, Nightstands, Raised Gray/Wooden Planter, Raised Gray/Gold Planter


We finished up this project by adding some really simple accessories in the main living spaces. Soap pumps for all the sinks, simple kitchenware on display, a candle or diffuser here and there, some bath towels, and minimal desk decor. It really didn’t take much at all to polish off the spaces with a few thoughtful items.

Sources: Bath Towels, Soap Pumps


  1. Mia

    16 July

    I love your website! We are a military family and built our forever home in San Diego. I am interested in succulents. I was wondering what trees I can pair with them. I have qty 2 31 inch tall pots and qty 2 19 inch tall. Do you offer design consults?
    Thank you!

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