A Fresh, Coastal Home Staging Project

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to stage this super sweet Montecito Beach House. It is a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom house around 2700 square feet, nestled in the Butterfly Beach enclave.

Our main goal with this project was just to make the home feel a little more airy and lived in. Being that this house is so close to the beach, it seemed only fitting that we have some beachy accents and colorways throughout the house. Also there is a massive surfboard in the kitchen, so it would be hard to ignore the coastal ties/vibe.

We knew we wanted to keep the decor clean and simple, but still fun and unique for a property being put on the market. We started by removing all the furniture and decorative elements that didn’t fit with our vision for the home. We wanted to make the rooms feel as fresh and large as possible so we decided to part with any dark furniture in the house and instead replace it with lighter, more up-to-date pieces. 

Living Room 

The focal point of the living room is the fireplace, and it’s the first thing that you see when you walk in the front door. We knew we wanted to take advantage of the space above the mantle, so we framed this retro VW bus print to really make a statement and set the vibe for the whole project. This was definitely one of our favorite pieces in the house because it just embodies the California, laidback beach lifestyle.  

Source: VW Bus Print

Finding a rug large enough for the living room proved to be a challenge because we wanted something that was going to make the room feel brighter, while still bringing in some color. This aqua, aztec printed rug was the perfect piece for this space.

Sources: Aqua Rug

Sources: Plant Stand, Beach Print

All of the wall art we used in this project, we actually found on Etsy. We just searched for beach prints that you could digitally download, and then had them printed at our local print shop.

Outdoor Patio 

One of the greatest parts of being able to call SoCal home is the indoor/outdoor living. We swapped out the old patio furniture for this modern couch, and then accented the space with succulents, potted bromeliads & spider plants. We finished the space with lanterns and throw pillows for some fun pops of color.

Master Bedroom 

This master bedroom receives a lot of nice natural light, so we wanted to draw on that and use relaxing, pastel accent colors with our decor to create the ultimate beach, bedroom escape. Everything tied together in the space so well – from the rug to the nightstands and artwork. It really made you feel right at ease when you walked in the room.

Sources: Beach Art Prints

Sources: Nightstand, Pink Rug, Pink Pillows

Master Bedroom Balcony 

Probably the greatest feature of this master bedroom is that it has bifold doors that open up onto a covered balcony. The perfect place to have your morning coffee or relax with a book!

Sources: Outdoor Chairs

Guest Room

Sources: Comforter, Plant Stand

This guest room had the most dark furniture by far and also received the least amount of natural light of all the bedrooms, so we decided to swap all that out for some bright white furniture to help lighten this space up. We then accented with some fun pops of green and orange.

Sources: Surf Art Prints


We kept it fairly simple in the kitchen, adding in these rattan, boho barstools, along with some tableware, and a few house plants and orchids.

Sources: Bar Stools


For the exterior of the house, we planted a colorful succulent garden in the front bed and then added some potted planters around the exterior for some more color and spacial charm. We also planted an herb garden to make the most of that homey feeling.


One of our favorite elements to incorporate in a home design project are houseplants. They really make the biggest difference in a space, and will take a well designed room to the next level, adding that finishing touch that every space needs to feel lived-in and complete.


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